SAT 12 DEC 2020


Saturday 12 December 2020
9am to 10pm.


Sheldon Event Centre
Gate 1 / Gate 2, Taylor Road
Sheldon, QLD, Australia.

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This is a BYO (bring your own) computer/console event.

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LanSmash is held in the stadium - Sheldon Events Centre at Sheldon College.

Its address is Gate 1, Taylor Road, Sheldon, QLD, Australia. However Taylor Road is a rather long road, so it’s best to have a look below at the Google map to find directions.

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This is a BYO (bring your own) computer/console event. LanSmash will provide some machines/setups for games like Street Fighter, arcade games and other fun games.

If you're feeling lazy or don't want to bring any gear then please come along and check us out.

What do you supply?

Everyone who is network gaming will be provided…

  • 1 x Power point
  • 1 x Network cable
  • 1x 0.9 metre width table
  • 1 x Chair

For PC gamers you should bring…

  • Your computer (every computer part and accessory you need to game)
  • Power board for your own accessories (1 power point will be allocated per gamer, we recommend a ‘Y’ power cable for your computer or a small powerboard)
  • Gaming CDs/DVD’s
  • Operating system and driver CD's (just in case the unthinkable happens)
  • Headphones (speakers are not allowed at the event)

Everything else will be supplied, including a network cable to your computer!

For Console gamers you should bring…

The minimum requirements for consoles gamers are:

  • A controller
  • A copy of the game you want to play
  • Headphones

If you chose to bring your whole machine for more games then…

  • Game system
  • Monitor or TV
  • Power board



None on site. If you are buying from LanSmash, we support payment by Visa/Mastercard and there is no minimum payment.


There is a canteen style setup with good value food available throughout the event. Options change between events, so check the Registration page for the latest details.

You can byo food. But if you do bring your own food please make sure you tidy up after you’re finished eating!

Capalaba is a 10-15 min drive away and there's lots of fast-food options there.


Visitors / spectators are warmly welcomed and will gain free entry ... but if caught with a console controller in hand, be prepared to face the pain!


No smoking is allowed inside the complex.


Yes, the entire complex is guarded by security guards 24/7. There is also video surveillance systems that record the entire complex as well.

How big and how many monitors can I bring into the LAN?

One (1) monitor per person is allowed in the LAN. This counts for CRT’s, LCD’s, and TV’s. Exceptionally large screens (24 inch and above) should contact us us prior to the event to assure you will have enough room.

An exception is the fighting game tournaments where monitors/TV’s are shared.

Can I bring my hub/router/switch to the LAN?

As a general rule, No. The network is setup to accommodate everything you need on the day. Each machine is assigned a port on a switch that you can use.

Can I share files on the PC network?

LanSmash has most of the latest gamepatches and steam backups located on our faithful fileserver, Techdrive. There is also an upload area for you to upload various game mods, updates, etc as well.

There is also a DirectConnect hub which lets you easily share files between machines. Sharing Pornography and R18+ content is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from future events.


Feel free to post your question on our Discord server or on the LanSmash facebook page and have it answered by responsible admins and the usual trolls.

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